The Dangers of Stress

The Dangers of Stress

We all know how negatively stress affects our emotional states and responses to stressors, our physical being and mental condition, but are we taking it seriously? Are we alleviating it with simple steps or temporarily masking it with a glass of scotch rather than the heart helpful glass of wine? Chemical infested cigarettes rather than a short vacation to Colorado for ski slopes, snow bunnies and natural smokes?

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We can’t even blame our bulging bellies on too much bread any more. Research shows that stress is also partially responsible for that “bad belly.” It leads to recirculation of hormones through the liver and constipation too. It directly affects your sex hormones negatively and increases your bodies production of cortisol to an unnecessary level. Stress prompts adrenal burnout and doesn’t allow you to easily access your memory bank at will. Your body’s response to stress utilizes a vast amount of energy that is needed by other processes like growth, the immune system, digestion and even reproduction. But if there’s not enough energy left for those… well… You may not hear the computer power down notification sound but it’s happening Jack.

The answer is simple, take better care of you. Be mindful, be present, breathe deeply, decompress after each major or stressful activity, get that heart rate up for at least 15 minutes of a 20 minute exercise session and be thankful for being able to do all of the above.


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